CONTACT Elements Release 15.3发布

Business apps, core services, technologies and Internet of Things: We make the leading platform for the digital product process even better so that companies can concentrate on the agile development of innovative products.

Business Apps

  • 2018-7-4
The modular principle of CONTACT Elements: each outstanding on its own right – together something unique
  • Task Boards for agile project methods like Scrum
  • Project Costing: Control project budgets unerringly
  • Scheduling: Enter delivery items directly in the testing schedule
  • Resources: Planning resource pools, for example according to skills or locations
  • Requirements: Importing and managing requirements even easier

Core Services

  • 2018-7-4
Cross-sectional functions for users
  • Tasks: More overview and faster processing of tasks
  • 3D-PDF Enrich & Publish: Comprehensive use of the 3D-PDF format
  • 3D-Connect: Exceptional performance even for very large assemblies, for example in plant construction
  • Workflow: Intelligent control of processes with forms
  • Universal Classification: Outstanding new classification functions


  • 2018-7-4
Secure and high-performance operation over locations distributed worldwide
  • Responsive Design: Using Tablets and Smartphones
  • Dashboards: Assemble widgets quickly and easily
  • More security: Multifactor authentification and OpenID Connect
  • Document Job Services: Improved methods for batch automatic document processing
  • Open interfaces: Synchronize data with SAP and other enterprise systems even easier


  • 2018-7-4
Implement digital business models faster
  • Multi Cloud-ready
  • Digital Twin Dashboards
  • Fleet overview with integrated maps widgets
  • Analytics with Jupyter Notebooks